App -

Note – Latest version of Chrome browser is preferred

App Overview

§  Filters - – Provides the ability to select the forecast model.  Model is selected from a pull-down list of active models.  Impacts for that model are then made available throughout the dashboard.

§  Map – Provides an interactive map with the abilities to zoom in and out, pan, and identify regions, districts, and counties.  Map is labeled with region, district and county names.  Clicking on the map brings up the information box with impact information for the selected element.

§  Statistics – comprises of four tabs:

o   Top Dimensions – regions and districts.

o   Counties

o   Charts

o   Details – Link to Kisters interactive map and charts

§  Refresh Statistics – Refreshes the statistics populated on the table as necessary.

§  Clear Selection - Clears out any selected set of parameters on the dashboard.


Sample Workflows

§  Launch the flood dashboard (give it a few seconds to load and populate the map and statistics panels).

Scenario 1

§  From the Statistics tab, click to select Region 2

o   Region 2 is highlighted on the table and map zooms and centers on selected region

o   See that the districts are filtered down to the selected region’s districts

o   Click on the Counties tab and view the list of counties. Only the selected region’s counties are populated in the list

§  On the map, click to identify the details

o   A pop up window opens

o   From the bottom of the popup window, click Show Chart.

o   The Charts tab opens with the Region Chart populated with metrics while the Districts and Counties are blank charts. This is because only the Region is selected. Select a district and a county to populate the charts as necessary (click on “Generate Charts” after the selection to display the charts).

o   On the chart, two parameters (Impact Index, Address Count, Total Population) are mapped against time steps

o   Click on the three parameter labels to enable and disable display of that variable on the chart

§  When done inspecting the charts and selected set of parameters, click on Clear Selection to clear all the selected set of parameters

Scenario 2

§  If necessary, click Clear selection

§  Activate the Counties tab

§  Select Harris County from the statistics table

§  From the map area, click Harries County to open the Pop up window

§  Click Show Chart

o   The app automatically populates the Region, District and County and draws the charts for the selected region, district and county

Scenario 3

§  While on the Charts tab, use the pop down menu to select any desired Region, District and County

§  With the above selection, click on Generate Charts


Note to view the Kisters map, click on the Details tab and click Open. This opens up the Kisters map in a new browser tab.  You will need a user name and password to login to the app.